Watch it! Road Condition Resources for RVers

“Country Bridge” by Bill Dickenson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

I think most RV drivers share the same heart-stopping fright when we stumble on road construction or narrow lanes we don’t expect. Have no fear, there are some great free online resources to help us familiarize ourselves with road conditions before we go and plan a worry-free route.  Trips are best enjoyed safe and fright-free! Continue reading “Watch it! Road Condition Resources for RVers”

Seaquest State Park

Seaquest State Park & Mt. St. Helens


Seaquest Explorers

Our August 2017, Seaquest State Park was memorable for two things; the Mt. St. Helens bugs and our first experience with a full hookup site! Magical!

I have to admit, I’m a wee bit concerned all the seismic ring of fire exhibits might frighten my girls away from visiting a volcano ever again. Fingers crossed Mt. Rainer happens someday.


  • Full hookup pull-through sites available.
  • Smaller, more private primitive sites available for smaller RVs.
  • Yurts available for group camping.
  • Clean and well-kept.
  • Lovely day-use picnic area with covered shelter.
  • Good access from I-5, with easy maneuverability for large RVs
  • Close to Mt. St. Helens Visitor Center (connected by an under highway pedestrian tunnel).
  • Dump station.

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Fort Worden State Park

Mother/Daughter Road Trip Spring Break 2018

Two nights and one full day at this magical place is simply not enough time! I wouldn’t call the constant precipitation sideways rain as much as a pummeling mist. Pacific Northwesterners know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, due to weather and time restrictions, we didn’t see half of what was available so have made plans to come back during the summer and we’ll bring the entire family!


  • Historic – plenty of learning opportunities for kids and adults alike. There are few places in Washington with a history as long and rich as Port Townsend, which is older than Seattle and Tacoma and retains much of its original charm.
  • Great walking trails.
  • Lodging in the Officer’s Quarters is a unique and fun experience.
  • Breathtaking views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Mt. Baker and Whidbey Island.
  • The Port Townsend Marine Science Center is worth checking out.
  • There are several on-site food options.
  • Convenience store next to beach sites.
  • Conference center.
  • Camping bathroom and laundry facilities are top-notch.
  • Cell service is great and you can even get a decent TV signal from Seattle.

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Hot Water Trouble, shoot!

My first camping trip after winterizing was an exercise in patience and problem-solving. I was out alone with my eight-year-old and had never been through a de-winterizing before. The dealership winterized for us this first time because I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the warranty. Also, I am a newbie and am not confident I’d do it correctly. Before the trip, I flushed out the antifreeze and thought I was ready to roll! Not so fast. Continue reading “Hot Water Trouble, shoot!”

Camp Dakota, Oregon

August 21, 2017, the Great American Eclipse traversed the continental United States and we had to be there. My husband, well-informed in all that is nerdy and scientific, warned me of it in late 2011 and come hell or high water we were going to see it. I called hotels years in advance and after much ado found a hotel on the Oregon Coast. After rumors of price gouging, I decided to call and verify our reservation only to learn our room was no longer available, with no explanation. I panicked.  Desperate, I found Camp Dakota in Oregon, a campground with numerous amenities that all took a backseat to the fact it was in the path of totality.  I called Camp Dakota nine months in advance and to my surprise, they had several spots for us to choose from and they were not raising their listed rates at all. I was skeptical after already getting burned, but took a chance, and ended up very happy I did. Continue reading “Camp Dakota, Oregon”

Rasar State Park

Our second trailering adventure was a group camp trip to Rasar State Park between the towns of Hamilton and Concrete, WA. This is a beautiful campground in the middle of nowhere on the Skagit River yet it’s everywhere I want to be. The group campsites are situated around a large circular grass field with a shared firepit bordered by a paved area perfect for a slew of camp chairs, roasting sticks, and glasses of something delicious. Also in the shared space is a covered shelter with lights, water, tables and a fireplace. Trailer and tent sites spoke out from the center grassy knoll and are large, yet private. Continue reading “Rasar State Park”